Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!

What better blog to show you not scary, but the most adorable babies EVER!!!!
These are Studio by Carmen Babies!!! There are a lot of them missing, because this session was a last minute shoot I decided to offer my past clients as a thank you for choosing me to be their photographer. A special thank you is in order to Melanie for organizing this session in only a couple of days and during the week!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!

It was great to see all my beautiful babies and catching up on how everyone’s doing. I may not have my nephews or niece close to me, but this is the next best feeling by seeing them grow, pinch their cheeks and those gorgeous eyes!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!
Having babies truly changes your life for the better; it may be challenging at time, but not being able to remember life without them is true love.

Like I said, this session was organized in a matter or days, so if you have had a session with me, either a maternity or baby session and would like to receive info about our next Get Together/Session send an email at:

Thank you ladies for entrusting me with your precious babies and I hope to see you all really soon!!!






Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vannessa and Eddie’s Engagement!!!

OMG!!!! How can you not love them??? I know I do!!! Their engagement session was just and incredible way of showing me the many facets of whom they are as a couple.
Gorgeous, playful, passionate, fun, in love, silly and so darn cute!!! My kind of couple!

I have been in contact with Vanessa for all the details leading to this day and it was great because it was like we were already friends. From the place to the outfits, accessories and even the look of her make-up everything was perfectly planned. We headed over to Coral Gables, a meaningful place where they shared their first date at Tarpon Bend. The session was pure magic! Their wedding is 8 months away and I can hardly wait to see them again! Did I mention that I am in love with them??? I LOVE MY COUPLES!!!

BTW, to my girls having their engagement sessions and have questions regarding your outfits. Don’t hesitate to ask me. You can even set up an appointment for me to see the outfits in person. I know some of you will really appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miami Rocks Boudoir!!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

I had a blast with Miss K. boudoir session yesterday. Love acting silly at times with some props my girls bring from home. I wonder if their fiancés miss them at all. Where is my….??? Lol!!! Poor unsuspected men!!!
So I wasn’t able to show you more photos from Miss A.’s session yesterday so here they are!!! I am sure your girlfriends in London will be sooo Jealous!!! ;)
San Francisco update: I have (1) spot left for Dec 26-28 and (3) spots left for Jan. 9-11.
Tomorrow get ready for Vannessa and Eddie’s Engagement teasers and on Friday I am hoping to blog a spread from a couple of my favorite Boudoir albums; including Jennie’s album. She picked up her album yesterday; and she LOVES it. She is so excited to give it to her fiancé in 2 weeks!!!!! Woohooo!!!!
Early next week I will be blogging Kristen and Mike’s wedding too!!!
Now I am going to get ready for Miss L.’s Boudoir!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Woohooo, one of my sexy brides!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

I haven’t met Cristina’s fiancé yet, but I can imagine that he will be a happier groom after seen Miss C.’s boudoir photos!!! Thank you for letting me share this photo, your eyes look smoldering girl!!!!

I am getting ready for a boudoir session in the early afternoon, so I have to go and get ready. Check back later this afternoon, Miss A. has given me permission to share a couple of more photos from her session. YAY!!!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Landra + Darren's Jamaican Wedding!!!!!

As I promised, even though I gave one little tease, I have come back with more teasers of Landra and Darren’s wonderful destination wedding in Jamaica!!! As mentioned before we were greeted with love from the moment we met with Landra and she had the best people to celebrate her special day with.
I absolutely LOVED her getting ready as some of her family and friends would come in to say hi and see how she was doing. How was she doing? Cool as a cucumber!!!!
Landra was excited and happy to see how her make up artist enhanced all her beautiful features.
I must say, like a total DIVA, lol, Landra was a little late to their wedding, but you know what, the anticipation was all worth the wait!!!
It was a WOW… moment when Landra tuned the corner to meet Darren.
Their Ceremony and Reception took place at ‘Dunn’s River Falls’ in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We were blown away with the location as it is nestled by such amazing vegetation and waterfalls.
I can not even tell you how many details and do-it yourself projects Landra had at her wedding. I will make sure to do another blog with more of them including a candy buffet, gorgeous cake details, and CD’s for her guests.
A great shout out to Brianna, Landra’s MOH, you were amazing and a terrific best friend always there to her every need. BTW!!! Ladies from New York, Landra and Brianna have a wedding planning company and judging how they planned Landra’s wedding , they do an AMAZING job every time!!!

Thank you Landra and Darren for choosing us to capture your special day, we were treated as part of the family and now you are part of ours.
Enjoy your teasers and we’ll see you when we are in NYC, one of our favorite cities!!!

Oh! I almost forgot!!!! Check this out a Destination Wedding Giveaway!!! I am sooo excited!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

San Francisco!!! Here I go again!!! San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

I will be traveling to San Francisco for 2 Marathons on 2 different dates!!!!
December 27-29
January 9-11

Don’t be left behind!
Book with a friend and receive $50 off each session and I will have a raffle for a gorgeous 8x8 album for each date. YAY!!!!!
What can I say I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Engagement Palooza!!!!

I had two sexy and super fun Engagement Sessions on Sunday.
There was rain, ice cream, jumps, splits, kisses, hugs, love and most of it sooo many laughs!!!!!
No joking, my face hurt from laughing so much during the day!!!
It reminded me of our wedding day; the muscles on our faces hurt like for 2 straight days. That’s how you know you had the time of your life :)

Ok, so really quickly, here is one teaser from each couple and also from Jenny’s session I hadn't blogged.
I will be blogging more in a couple of days, so stay tune.

My Brides and Grooms are SOOOO INCREDIBLE!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!




Friday, October 17, 2008

Wooohooo!!! I am back from Landra and Darren’s Destination Wedding!!!

What a wedding!!!
The tone was set when we were greeted with a big hug and a huge smile when we started photographing Landra’s getting ready and in that moment I knew that feelings would rule their incredible event!
I have already selected all of their photos, sooo many of them :), and now I'm working on selecting their teasers for the blog!
So, am I a tease? Of course!!! I am going to leave you with one photo so you can see how gorgeous they both looked. The weather was a bit rainy, but that didn’t prevent us from having some fun!

I am getting into the swing of things, so please I promise to get done with all the emails as soon as I can.

I will give you more insight into Landra and Darren’s wedding as soon as I blog more of their teasers. You are not going to want to miss it!
Landra thank you for trusting us with one of the most important days in your life!
We have memories to last us a lifetime and I can just imagine how overwhelmingly happy you guys must feel when thinking back on your wedding day!

Thank you Chrissy and Leah for your kind words to Landra about us. Destination Weddings do ROCK!!!

Come back soon for more! ;)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Destination Weddding in Jamaica!!!

I am on my way to the airport for Landra and Darren’s long awaited Destination Wedding in Jamaica. I know their wedding will be SPECTACULAR!!!! I can’t wait!!! Counting the minutes!
We will be staying a couple of extra days for some TLC!!!
I will be checking emails, but will not be sending packages until I come back next Wednesday.

Thank you for the well wishes and I promise to come back with lots to show!



Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proud Auntie Carmen!!!

My brothers are always making me look bad in front of my parents!!! Lol.
My older brother already has 2 baby boys and now my other brother has a baby girl to brag about, she is a little angel ;) Well, I have Bella, my beautiful furbaby, (sticking my tong at them!)
My parents hadn’t had a chance to meet baby Audrey and at 4 months, and knowing how fast babies grow, my brother decided to take a trip to Miami from the West coast and surprise my parents.
They were only here 2 days, but my parents loved meeting and playing with her. I was fully committed both days but I was able to go to breakfast with them on one of the days they were here and quickly snatch a few photos when they finished changing her pamper. Lol.
I can’t wait to see her again in December. I can’t believe she will be 7 months!!!
She looks like our side of the family :) and her eyes remind me of princess Jasmine from Disney!!!
Isn’t she beautiful!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cristy's Bridal Shower!!! Cupcake Style!

Here are a couple of photos from Cristy’s bridal shower! She had beautiful details, specially her cake!!! It was gorgeous and in the form of a big cupcake, which was the theme of the shower, super cute!!! The food was delicious and the service was superb. Cristy’s MOH lead the fun games and my favorites were: What’s in Cristy’s purse? and make a wedding dress out of TP. Lol!
Cristy, it was great meeting your family and getting to share in the fun of your bridal shower!!! We’ll be seeing you really soon on your WEDDING DAY!!!

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