Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jennie's Sexylicious Session!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

Yeeeaahh… well how do I start this blog with out typing Sexylious in every sentence!!!
Ok, so Jennie is a sexy mom and bride to be!
If I can have a HOT body like hers and be a mom I would sooooo do it right NOW!!!

Jennie was incredibly confident about her body which is exactly what I LOVE to see from all my girls. She was also super prepared for the shoot (the most prepared to date!); knowing exactly what outfits with what accessories and in what order. LOVED IT!!!
I will be presenting Jennie a photo gallery from her session as she will be receiving an album from her session as well. Super excited!

Thank you for letting me blog Jennie. Your fiancé is going to agree with me when he sees the photos. You look SEXYLICIOUS!!!!

Licious (any Project Runway fans! Ha!)

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karenb said...

HOT HOT HOT!..i love them..

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