Thursday, July 31, 2008

Destination Wedding in Ecuador!!!

Hi everybody, I’m on my way to South America, Quito, Ecuador to be exact. I’ve been looking forward to this destination wedding for a while and meeting my beautiful couple, Maria Fernanda and Swen. I already know they are gorgeous, because I asked them for a photo, so I could recognize them at the airport. Lol. It is so nice of them to have offered to pick us up at the airport.
I am Peruvian and Favio from Nicaragua, so I know we are going to be enjoying ourselves at the wedding and getting to know another culture and Hello… the food!!!!
I will be back next week, until then please be patient with me getting back to your emails.
Have a wonderful weekend!!! We are going to have a blast!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

October Boudoir Marathon in Sexy South Beach!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

Due to the demand for my last 2 boudoir marathon dates and for the ladies wanting me to do a sexy marathon at my signature hotel in South Beach; I have decided to open 2 new dates in October!!!
If you love the color red and pink then you will love this set up! It will make you feel sexy and playful. Woohooo!!!!
I have come up with 3 packages for my October Boudoir Marathon. Packages start at $350 including the hotel for your session.
If you are interested in joining me and would like more information please fill out the contact information sheet on my website or call me to reserve your spot.

Marathon Dates:
October Saturday 25
October Sunday 26

The session will get as sexy as you feel comfortable and there is no nudity involved, only implied nudity.

Albums are available for purchase if not included in your package. Prices start at $150.
Hair and Make-up are available if not included in your package.

I am also available for private boudoir sessions during the week at my studio or at a hotel of your choice; non-marathon price will apply.

I hope you can make it!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yvonne + Jordan = Rainless Wedding in Naples!!! Naples Wedding Photography

Hi everyone, I wanted to take some time to blog about this amazing couple.
I actually had not met Jordan until the day of the wedding, but if Yvonne picked him to be her partner for life, I knew that he would he an amazing person as well.
I had an initial meeting with Yvonne and her dad, because Jordan was finishing his semester at UF (GO GATORS!!!!) Lol. After our initial meeting I knew that they would be a perfect match for our photography style. Laidback, relaxed and a couple that really wanted us to capture the moment as it happened.
Yvonne and Jordan got married in Naples. It had been raining the entire morning and into the early afternoon and I prayed that it would stop raining, so the ceremony could take place outdoors like Yvonne had hoped. Well, by the time I started shooting her getting ready, the sun came out and they had amazing weather!!!
We could not have been happier for them; then again her dad also knew they would have a perfect day.
To say that I loved photographing Yvonne and Jordan’s wedding is an understatement.
Thank you both for sharing your perfect day with us.
Yvonne you are an incredible person and I love your “ya-voy” attitude in life. Do not change it, because you are able to give yourself and enjoy the people and moments of life with happiness.

Check back tomorrow. I will have a couple more photos. You are not going to want to miss it! ;)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Meli + Augi - TTD Miami Style!

I LOOOOVE every time Meli contacts me for a session. This time she wanted to Trash the Dress and what better place than at the beach!!!
Meli was revealing her something blue during the trashing part of the session :-O
Don't worry Meli, I won’t mention what it was. Lol. Too funny!
It is always a real treat to hang out with you guys and rocking it all the way!!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th!!! Kind of late, I know. Miami Wedding Photography

I hope your 4th of July was safe and not so rainy, I am in Naples to shoot a wedding and I wish the rain would let out for at least a little bit. Either indoors or outdoors, as they had planned, I know Yvonne and Jordan will have the time of their lives.
On another note we went to see Hancock and it was pretty cool. I smell a sequel. Lol. I am going to give it a grade of A-.
I will be back in town tomorrow afternoon for an engagement session. I really hope the forecasters are wrong about tomorrow’s weather as well.
Enjoy your weekend!!!

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