Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!

What better blog to show you not scary, but the most adorable babies EVER!!!!
These are Studio by Carmen Babies!!! There are a lot of them missing, because this session was a last minute shoot I decided to offer my past clients as a thank you for choosing me to be their photographer. A special thank you is in order to Melanie for organizing this session in only a couple of days and during the week!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!

It was great to see all my beautiful babies and catching up on how everyone’s doing. I may not have my nephews or niece close to me, but this is the next best feeling by seeing them grow, pinch their cheeks and those gorgeous eyes!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!
Having babies truly changes your life for the better; it may be challenging at time, but not being able to remember life without them is true love.

Like I said, this session was organized in a matter or days, so if you have had a session with me, either a maternity or baby session and would like to receive info about our next Get Together/Session send an email at:

Thank you ladies for entrusting me with your precious babies and I hope to see you all really soon!!!






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FSUSammy said...

Thank you so much Carmen! We enjoyed seeing you again. Once again you did a fabulous job catching our little Mikey. Love ya!

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