Thursday, September 25, 2008

An incentive to a healthier more confident you!!! Boudoir Fitness Club!!!

Notice I didn’t say more beautiful, because to me a confident woman is a beautiful woman in every aspect.
I have had many brides-to-be sent me emails loving to do a boudoir session, but expressing their concerns at not been at their ideal weight. At the end most ladies decide to surprise their unsuspected fiancés/husbands and go ahead and do their sessions and they end up letting me know that it was an incredible experience for them, ‘feeling like a model’ and after they get their photos they are like ‘Is that me??? And express that is such a self-esteem booster!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Well I was thinking… what if you can have your cake and eat it too!!! Ok, maybe that’s not the best phrase to use, lol, bare with me. To all those ladies that are waiting to be in better shape and missed the opportunity to give your fiancé/husband a sexy present, I say ‘WAIT NO MORE!!!’ Also, for my beautiful ladies that thought that your bodies were not ready, but went ahead and got their sexy photos done with me, I have a nice surprise you can participate on.

So, here is my idea, and please if you have a comment to add please email me!
Ok, so as an incentive to keep that body rocking all year long, I am going to provide free boudoir sessions to those ladies who I have worked with before. You can sign up by sending me an email; tell me a little bit where you are body wise and what are your plans of fitness and nutrition. I will be picking a winner or 2 or maybe 3 a month!!! Open to all states where I host Boudoirs! So, the kicker is that you will not know when your time will be, so it will be essential for you to keep your fitness regimen!!!
So ladies let’s get off our BOOTIES and let’s start exercising and eating right, because your session could be soon!!!!

I totally do not encourage crash diets, pills or starvation. Let’s do it the old fashion way ladies. WE CAN DO IT!!!! The goal is to live happier, healthier lives and although most of us are in the best body shape for our wedding day, let’s not just go back to our bad habits instead, let’s prepare and look forward to the next event in our lives whether it’s professional, family oriented or maybe both.
Remember fitness and nutrition first. Toned curves are the best so pay attention at your body type and embrace the beauty in you!!!

Yikes, here I go again writing a book, I can’t help it!!!!
Start writing me those email ladies and btw, I am listening to my own advice and I am starting to go to the gym on Monday!!!

Let’s not let our bodies go ladies, I am sure I am going to get lots of ladies and hubbies thanking me for this one!!!! Lol!

I leave you with a couple of photos sent Anna Noriega, makeup artist extraordinaire.
Her birthday is this Friday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNITA!!! She booked a session on my last Boudoir Marathon and she is on the way to getting her body back after some medical problems, but really wanted to do the session for herself and her boyfriend of course ;) I think she looks amazing and so does she!!!!

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