Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dinner, Martini and a movie all in one!

One of my best friends recommended Cine Bistro after telling her that I would love to see Sex in the City. I was never a fan until I heard the movie was coming out and Carrie and Big were getting married!!! That’s when I knew I had to catch up with all the seasons. Lol.
So we went to Cine Bisto, were valet is complementary, picked our seats and went to shop for a little bit. You can also call in advance to select your seats and just show up 30 minutes before your movie. Well our show started at 7:00; we showed up at 6:30 and they showed us to our seats and we looked over the menu. I ordered a delish Sex in the City Appletini. We then order dinner, it arrived before the movie and voila it was time for the movie to begin. No one asking me to please move to the next seat, nobody screaming or throwing popcorn over our heads, then it dawn on me, you have to be 21 to get in! Very cool! The seats were comfortable, plenty of legroom and the best part is that I had a place to place my purse other than my lap! The only con for me is probably the price, especially after the Martini and dinner, so next time a Mojito and popcorn. Lol.
I would definitely come back especially for a movie’s opening day. I just love to know that my seat will be waiting for me and I can just relax.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marathon Update!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

Hi ladies!!! Thank you for the overwhelming response to my Boudoir Marathons!!!

I wanted to give you an update on the dates and times left for both dates.
August Sat. 16th: 1 spot
August Sun. 17th: 1 spot

September Sat. 20th: 1 spot
September Sun. 21st: 2 spots

I also wanted to anwers some of the questions I am getting.
Is it going to be just you and me during the session? or
Will there be more people around during my session?
I like to make my sessions as private and relaxed as possible, so you and I will be the only ones in the studio. No one else allowed!!! Lol.

I would like to have my photos private from your blog, would that be ok?
Yes, all the boudoir photos I publish on my blog have permission from my clients. Not to worry, your privacy is my number one concern.

What do I bring and what do I wear for my session?
After you select your boudoir session, I will send you a list of recommended items and you will have a private phone consultation prior to your session. We can go over your vision, clothing items and any questions you may have.

Thank you ladies!!! I can’t wait!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wohooo!!!! South Florida Ladies you’re in for a treat.

Who is ready for a Boudoir Marathon in South Florida!!!!!
I have been working really hard to provide a place where my girls can just hang out and relax and what better place than at my studio!!!
You no longer have to book your own hotel; we can do the session on my studio with different settings that will allow you to not only have a beautiful bedroom setting with natural lighting (including a jacuzzy), an outdoor setting and a studio setting with studio lighting.

What else can you want? Well an overall lower price for your session of course! plus hair and make-up available, a little bubbly, albums, awesome music, and the most fun session ever!!!!

Marathon Dates:
August 16 -17 (4 spots left)
September 20-21 (5 spots left)

To inquire about the special price for the marathons, please fill out the contact information sheet on my website or call me to reserve your spot.
Also available during the week at the studio or at a hotel of your choice; non-marathon price will apply.

Make it a present for your fiancé, husband, or for the holidays and it is never too early to start thinking about V Day specially if you want a sexy album!
Hey! Who are we kidding is a present for you too, right? :)

Make it a HOT SUMMER LADIES!!!!! I know I am!!! LOL!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

I hope all of you are having a terrific day. The weather was just perfect for a BBQ today for sure. I am about to have dinner with my parents, but I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to my big brothers Felix and Alfredo. Felix lives in New Hampshire and just had his second son a few months back. He is a pro at parenthood now and I couldn't be more proud. I get a smile on my face everytime he tells me all the places he takes my nephews on the weekends. It's great to see that fatherhood has not changed their love for the outdoors; lots of credit to my sister in-law for that too.

Also Happy Father's Day to my brother Alfredo who just became a dad in April!!!! Audrey is so adorable and I loved holding her in my arms. She is tiny and looks exactly like my mom now which is super cute and freaky (in a good way) Lol!!!

Keep on enjoying your evening. I am about to pour me a Bailey's on the rocks. Cheers!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Indira & Ernesto's Engagement Shoot!!!

Hi everybody, I know I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, but I have been incredibly busy (love it!). I worked on these teasers in the plane last week while traveling, had 2 amazing weddings on the weekend and I am just catching my breath to be able to blog them.

Indira and Ernesto are the total package, passionate, sweet, fun and of course in love!!!!
I have to give props to Ernesto, cause he was just a natural in front of the camera from the very beginning and really pulled Indira to that place where no one else matters and is just them enjoying each other. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love when that happens.

You guys were terrific! Thank you for making the shoot so much fun on 95 degree weather and I can’t wait for your wedding day!!!
Enjoy your teasers!
Can I say: I love the last photo. LOL!!!

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