Thursday, September 25, 2008

An incentive to a healthier more confident you!!! Boudoir Fitness Club!!!

Notice I didn’t say more beautiful, because to me a confident woman is a beautiful woman in every aspect.
I have had many brides-to-be sent me emails loving to do a boudoir session, but expressing their concerns at not been at their ideal weight. At the end most ladies decide to surprise their unsuspected fiancés/husbands and go ahead and do their sessions and they end up letting me know that it was an incredible experience for them, ‘feeling like a model’ and after they get their photos they are like ‘Is that me??? And express that is such a self-esteem booster!!! LOVE IT!!!!
Well I was thinking… what if you can have your cake and eat it too!!! Ok, maybe that’s not the best phrase to use, lol, bare with me. To all those ladies that are waiting to be in better shape and missed the opportunity to give your fiancé/husband a sexy present, I say ‘WAIT NO MORE!!!’ Also, for my beautiful ladies that thought that your bodies were not ready, but went ahead and got their sexy photos done with me, I have a nice surprise you can participate on.

So, here is my idea, and please if you have a comment to add please email me!
Ok, so as an incentive to keep that body rocking all year long, I am going to provide free boudoir sessions to those ladies who I have worked with before. You can sign up by sending me an email; tell me a little bit where you are body wise and what are your plans of fitness and nutrition. I will be picking a winner or 2 or maybe 3 a month!!! Open to all states where I host Boudoirs! So, the kicker is that you will not know when your time will be, so it will be essential for you to keep your fitness regimen!!!
So ladies let’s get off our BOOTIES and let’s start exercising and eating right, because your session could be soon!!!!

I totally do not encourage crash diets, pills or starvation. Let’s do it the old fashion way ladies. WE CAN DO IT!!!! The goal is to live happier, healthier lives and although most of us are in the best body shape for our wedding day, let’s not just go back to our bad habits instead, let’s prepare and look forward to the next event in our lives whether it’s professional, family oriented or maybe both.
Remember fitness and nutrition first. Toned curves are the best so pay attention at your body type and embrace the beauty in you!!!

Yikes, here I go again writing a book, I can’t help it!!!!
Start writing me those email ladies and btw, I am listening to my own advice and I am starting to go to the gym on Monday!!!

Let’s not let our bodies go ladies, I am sure I am going to get lots of ladies and hubbies thanking me for this one!!!! Lol!

I leave you with a couple of photos sent Anna Noriega, makeup artist extraordinaire.
Her birthday is this Friday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNITA!!! She booked a session on my last Boudoir Marathon and she is on the way to getting her body back after some medical problems, but really wanted to do the session for herself and her boyfriend of course ;) I think she looks amazing and so does she!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ladies, you are my inspiration!!!!

Yesterday night, Jennie came over to select her photos for her boudoir album. SOOO EXCITED!!! Well, we were looking at one of her photos that showed her beautiful fuchsia platform heels and I couldn’t resist and show her my new OH SO AWESOME peep-toe platform heels!! I am in love with them!!! Jennie liked them too and told me to take a photo for my blog; I started to laugh, because I had already taken a photo of them to show you ladies how much you inspired me.
I haven’t bought heels this high in a little while, but oh boy! do I feel extra sexy with them on, besides the fact that I am 5’11” or more with them ;)

I will be having a SEXY boudoir marathon this weekend in my studio. Ladies, I will have Champagne and some other goodies including delicious cupcakes from my friend Kelly from SugarGirlBakeShop. I had them on my last marathon and my ladies couldn’t say enough good things about them!!! I must also admit I ate more than a couple too. Lol.

Don’t forget to bring your HIGH HEEL ladies and thank you for the inspiration!!!

I LOVE Martha Stewart!!!

I wanted to send a shout to the queen of all good things Martha Stewart!!!
If you know me you know that she is my do it yourself hero!
And for wedding, Hello... THE BEST!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting ready for my second Marathon in Sexy San Francisco!!! San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

This will be my second time going to San Francisco and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the City, people and the weather is cool and crisp. I wasn’t ready last time but I am taking a nice cozy sweater this time around ;)

The session will take place on Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf, where I held my first Marathon, the date is set for Oct. 3-5.
This will be the perfect gift for your fiancé on your wedding day, for your husband on Christmas day or Birthday and of course for yourselves. Talk about a self esteem booster!!!

Visit this link to see some other sexy teasers and to get an idea for outfits and such.
Email me at or call me at 786-512-5737 for more information.
I currently have 3 packages to fit your needs. Book with a friend and get $50 off each package.


Ps, I am dying to do an engagement session in SF, so if you are interested, let me know!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Furbaby Bella!!!

Just a little Hi!!! From my furbaby Bella.
She is my three year old Yorkie and we just love her. I know she's a popular breed and lots of my brides and clients have them, so after a grooming session, I could not resist the temptation of shoot a couple of photos. I will show her mini closet on another day. Lol! Hey, don’t judge, she is our little furbaby ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skip work to have some studio fun!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

Well, at least for a couple of hours ;)
Bride to be Miss M. wrote me an email asking me to please offer a smaller boudoir package. So, I decided to come up with a smaller studio package to be held during the week and yes ladies it will include a CD!!!
Email me for package information and to reserve your spot!!!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Maria Fernanda & Swen Destination Wedding!!!

It has taking me forever to pick some of my favs for Maife and Swen’s wedding in gorgeous Ecuador. I first had 160, then 120, then Favs 1, Favs 2 and Details. AHHHH!!!! I will have another blog with some of their beautiful details, seeing as this blog is already a bit lengthy. First I wanted to say that it was a huge complement to have them pick us to be their photographers, especially because Maife is studying to be a photographer herself. We felt no pressure! (Right… Everyone seemed to know that we were the choosen ones!) But I must say it felt so cool for a lot of people to come to us to let us know how excited Maife was to have us shoot her wedding. I can’t deny it WE LOVED IT!!!!!

As I was choosing my favs I saw a Maife for who she was, modern, carefree, so inlove and giving herself to enjoying the moment to the fullest. Even with so many family and friends around them, both of them found a few minutes throughout the day where no one existed but them.
One of the most emotional moments of the day was the toast to the bride and groom. In our South American Countries we have the custom of not just 1 or 2 people toasting but as many as is necessary, needed and wanted policy. They both laughed as they were reminded of funny memories brought to light; but Maife never thought to be so emotional, when one of her best friends got the microphone or when her cousin mentioned her son Mateo in the toast.

Maife and Swen thank you for let us be part of your wedding. We were blown away by you guys, your family and friends and the overall vibe of love and happiness we felt through out the day and were equally impressed by the beauty of the setting where it seemed you were able to reach and touch the clouds.
I wanted to give especial thanks to Juan Carlos, Yani and Sebastian for all your attentions.

We hope to see you guys again soon in one of our trips to the New York or the New England area.
Before I continue writing a book here, which I easily could, here are some of my favs.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jennie's Sexylicious Session!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

Yeeeaahh… well how do I start this blog with out typing Sexylious in every sentence!!!
Ok, so Jennie is a sexy mom and bride to be!
If I can have a HOT body like hers and be a mom I would sooooo do it right NOW!!!

Jennie was incredibly confident about her body which is exactly what I LOVE to see from all my girls. She was also super prepared for the shoot (the most prepared to date!); knowing exactly what outfits with what accessories and in what order. LOVED IT!!!
I will be presenting Jennie a photo gallery from her session as she will be receiving an album from her session as well. Super excited!

Thank you for letting me blog Jennie. Your fiancé is going to agree with me when he sees the photos. You look SEXYLICIOUS!!!!

Licious (any Project Runway fans! Ha!)

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