Monday, March 30, 2009

YAY!!! The Fair…. Be There!!!! Miami-Dade County Fair

Ready for the rides and awesome food??? YAY!!!!!!
I must tell you that I have never being a fan of the song for the fair, but I love the food and the fun!!!
I am receiving emails asking me if I am going to do any sessions at the Fair this year again and of course I am starting this week!!! Unfortunately, I only have 3 sessions left; if you are interested please email me at Include your information and phone number to coordinate a session!!!

Click HERE to see last year’s sessions!!! Hope to C you there!!!
I am thinking of a candy apple, corn in the cob, gyro, elephant ear, arepa.... Lol

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Just a little shout out to everyone that has a little bit of Irish in them!!! I will celebrate tonight with a chill Bailey’s on the rocks! It tastes like a milkshake. Lol.
Below is a little teaser from Tatiana and Carlo’s engagement session from last Sunday. I remember their outfits and I thought it would be perfect to blog one of them today. I hope everyone is wearing something green!!!
Have fun tonight!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Christina & Carlos's Engagement!!!

Long overdue blog!!! Yes, I know I am behind on blogging, but I am trying to catch up little by little.
Christina and Carlos are total party animals. How do I know? Because they told me they stay until the early hours of the morning partying like crazy!!! Not every weekend, but when they party, they go all out!!! We had a blast on their session; they even had an unexpected shot, compliments of the bartender, to keep on the party in our session!!! Wooohoo!!!!
I can’t wait for their wedding; no doubt the party will keep on going at a second location and until the next day!!! Christina, you are incredibly sweet and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for the delicious mini cupcakes, (I ate them before I could take a photo, Lol) Love ya!!!
I can’t wait for your wedding; I know you will look gorgeous and everything will be spectacular!!! PINK, PINK, PINK!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nicole and Sam's Editorial Style Shoot in San Francisco!!! Wedding Photography San Francisco

Awww, I am so spoiled by my wonderful couples!!! I love it!!!!

THANK YOU Nicole and Sam for the beautiful flowers!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!
I went to San Francisco in December to do a boudoir Marathon for 5 wonderful ladies and Nicole ask me if I could do an editorial style shoot for her and her hubby Sam. I loved the idea so I immediately said ‘YES.’ I actually met Nicole for the first time when she hired me for a boudoir session on my first boudoir marathon to San Francisco. We had a blast on her session and Sam loved the photos!!!! I was soo excited to work with Nicole again and of course I was so looking forward to meet her Sam.
So far every time I have gone to SF it has been sooo cold, but we still have an awesome time visiting places and always find time to ride the trolley. Well this time I knew I shouldn’t have, but we rode the trolley on our first night there and of course we had to go standing at the end of it with our bodies dangling on the side of the trolley, the crisp and chilling air hitting our faces, so cold it hurt, but it is so much fun and I feel like a kid every time I do it!!!
Well, I got sick soon after :( but I took my cold medicine like crazy and we were ready to go for their shoot!! I finally met Sam and WOW, what a couple they make, fun, loving and silly at times. The best part to see is how attentive Sam is to Nicole and how he can loose himself just by looking at her! Their whole vibe was just wonderful and so much fun to photograph!!!
Thank you guys for letting capture your photos and for being so incredibly awesome in every way!!!
I wish we could've had time for some urban setting, but maybe next time ;)
Love you both!!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ursula and Eddie’s Wedding!

I think everyone knows I LOVE color. Don’t get me wrong, I love Black and White and it’s variations, but my ultimate love is color and the more the better!!!
I also LOVE the color red so imagine, this wedding was perfect just for that reason.
Who would want to have their furbaby during their getting ready? I would. He said a couple of Grrrrs, but all together behaved like a ‘good boy!’
Nothing more to ask but a perfect day for the Bride and Groom!!
Congratulations to both on a truly gorgeous wedding and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.
If you are wondering where this amazing reception took place look at no other place than The Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables!!!

I love this photo!!! There is such a feeling of happiness on Eddie’s face as he embraces his mom and over his shoulder Ursula watches with a smile on her face.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

OMG!! I love my clients!!!!!!!

As I heard a loud banging on my door, I thought to myself, “The prints are here already?”
I walked to the door and the loud banging continued and I thought, “Well the UPS guy is going to break the door!”
I opened the door and I see a lady holding a beautiful arrangement in front of me and I gasped with excitement!!! Of course the first thing I think is, my birthday? Anniversary? And I hardly hear the lady say, “Sign here please” and in a daze, I do just that.
I thank her and close the door and of course the first thing I do is read the card. Awwww, it from my weekend boudoir sexy ladies!!!!!! I had a huge smile and felt so blessed to have such wonderful clients.
I ran to take photos of the arrangement to thank J, J, K, D and R for the wonderful thought of the arrangement. I LOVE IT LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUU SOOO MUCH!!!! I am extremely happy that you love the experience. I had an amazing weekend shooting you all and I can’t wait for you to see your photos. Talk about HOT ladies!!!!
My stomach was hurting so much on Monday from laughing so hard during the sessions. Lol.
Love ya!!!

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