Thursday, October 30, 2008

Vannessa and Eddie’s Engagement!!!

OMG!!!! How can you not love them??? I know I do!!! Their engagement session was just and incredible way of showing me the many facets of whom they are as a couple.
Gorgeous, playful, passionate, fun, in love, silly and so darn cute!!! My kind of couple!

I have been in contact with Vanessa for all the details leading to this day and it was great because it was like we were already friends. From the place to the outfits, accessories and even the look of her make-up everything was perfectly planned. We headed over to Coral Gables, a meaningful place where they shared their first date at Tarpon Bend. The session was pure magic! Their wedding is 8 months away and I can hardly wait to see them again! Did I mention that I am in love with them??? I LOVE MY COUPLES!!!

BTW, to my girls having their engagement sessions and have questions regarding your outfits. Don’t hesitate to ask me. You can even set up an appointment for me to see the outfits in person. I know some of you will really appreciate it!


Leslie said...

Hey! Vanessa It's Leslie one of the twins from ABC Congratulations on your engagement!!! I too am getting married this summer and Studio By Carmen will be my photographer. I'm always viewing her blog and I was shocked to see your AMAZING engagement pictures here. I love them!!!!!!

Vannessa said...

Hey Leslie, congrats on your engagement. Carmen is the absolute BEST!!! Thanks for the picture comment..=)

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