Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meli’s Bridal Shower!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking forward to Meli’s Bridal Shower for a little while now and on Sunday afternoon her celebration was finally here.
Meli, her mom, her sister and best friend decorated the tables and my jaw started to drop as I saw all the little details being placed all over the tables.
I was in detail heaven!!!!

I quickly started to photograph all the amazing details Meli had prepared and a couple of surprises her sister had in store for her, like an albums depicting some of the mile stones in Meli’s life with the culmination of the engagement of Meli and Augi; their love story has many chapters to be written, but no doubt with an amazing ending.

One of the highlights was the surprise appearance of Augi with red roses in hand and a Mariachi band following his entrance. And what an entrance it was!!!! Oh, and another very nice surprise, as you will see in two of the photos below.
Augi, I just have to say thumbs up!!! Men, take notes please!

BTW, I also loved the JELL-O shoots, injection style!!!

Meli you have made it so hard for me to pick my favorites! I wanted to publish 15 and ended up with 25, and let me tell you, that was after agonizing about which ones to cut out.

I do want to thank you and your family for allowing me to share in your amazing Bridal Shower.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Grand Opening of Mommy Please!!!!

Today my friend Karla is making one of her dreams come true with the grand opening of her baby store Mommy Please.

Please join us as we celebrate with her this great accomplishment. The grand opening will take place at 1561 Sunset Drive. from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
Cocktails and hor’dourves will be served.

For more information call the store at 305-661-0978
I hope to C you there!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


After several months of working on and off, we have finally launched our new website a couple of minutes ago.


I could not be more proud of all the exiting things we are accomplishing thanks to all of you that have trusted my vision for your portraits and events. Again, HUGE THANKS to all of you!!!

I also wanted to thank my hubby Favio for working and planning the entire website. I know that I drove him crazy every time he asked me for the photos to be included and for all the nitpicking.

I hope you enjoy the photos and the music I selected. Keep checking back for updates to the galleries in the near future.
Next order of business and already started, NEW BLOG!!! Lol!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Who are these GORGEOUS babies???

Exciting news for Studio by Carmen!!!

A very good friend of mine Karla has just opened up a baby boutique in the South Miami area and she has asked me to be the official photographer for her store and clients.

The name of the store is 'Mommy Please' and it's located across from the Shops at Sunset Place at 1561 Sunset Drive.

I could not have been more excited to hear the news and I hope you visit her store as she has the most beautiful and exclusive items for babies to 6 yr olds.
Ladies she will have those, oh so cute leggings for your little ones.

Here are some sneak picks and more details to come as I will do a whole story when Karla gets ready to celebrate the official grand opening in a week or two.

The first photo is the place where I will be exhibiting my photos. I will change them on a regular basis, so if you are the mommy of one of those beautiful cutie pies, please contact me, as you will be able to purchase those photos at a very good price.
The next two products are one of the most popular items in the few days the store has been open. A diaper cake which is a wonderful gift for a baby shower and a floral bouquet that contains baby clothes arranged in a very unique way. I couldn't believe it when she showed it to me!
Talk about inventive!!!

Well my friends stay tune!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Justine!!!!! Look what I have for you…

I just wanted to say again that I LOVED all the attention to detail that Justine had for her gorgeous Bridal Shower and HELLO!!! Justine looked amazing too!!!

Justine picked the song for her slideshow and now I cannot stop playing it over and over again. I love it.

Justine I can’t wait until your wedding day. It will be an incredible day!!!
-2 MONTHS!!!!!!!

If you would like to see a bigger version of the slideshow, please click on the link below.
Justine's Bridal Shower

Note: If you encounter a problem with the slideshow zooming into the first image, it has to do with a sound card problem in your computer. Please try it again on an updated OS or driver updated computer.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Brigitte’s and Meli’s HOT Boudoir Session!!!!!

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I didn’t know how much fun I was going to have.
I truly love my sessions but this one was especially fun. I laughed, cried (please, don’t dare to ask) and danced to some really cool songs, thanks Meli!!!!

Brigitte and Meli got together and booked their sexy sessions for the same day.
They truly rocked it and worked it and the teasers reveal just a hint of the intensity this ladies have.

Both of them are getting married in November and want to give these photos to their fiancés the day prior to their wedding.
Thank you girlies for such a great time!!!!

Both of them have already seen some teasers in private and have given authorization to show these ones.

If you are interested on a boudoir session, please email me. I am forming three small groups for the months of November, December and January. The October group is full at this time.
Ladies, it’s never too soon to start thinking of Valentines Day!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Beth's Sexy Boudoir!!!

Beth contacted me not too long ago after coming across my blog, asking me for openings for a boudoir session.
I didn’t have any openings, but I told her to hold on for me to see if I could squeeze her in prior to another session and so started our communication to make her session become a reality.
Beth is getting married in 3 short weeks and will be surprising her fiancé with some sexy photos of herself the day of their wedding.

Beth you were amazing to work with. Your attitude rocks and no doubt your photos will show it.
Thank you for such a great time!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Introducing Baby Lukas!!!!!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure to meet and photograph baby Lukas. Alexandra and Jorge had waited for the moment of his arrival for a very long time and while they waited they prepared a beautiful room, scrapbooks and even a beautiful birth story leading to Lukas’s birth.

Lukas was a very good boy, except for a couple of tinkles in his dad’s arms, while I was photographing him. Lol.
Without a doubt Lukas is a very lucky baby, who is going to grow in a beautiful home with love all around him.

Thank you guys for welcoming me back to your home and congratulations again on such a beautiful little angel. It was great to be able to witness and photograph such tender moments shared as a family.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!!!

I hope everybody had a great labor day with lots of fun and yummy food. Although the weather didn’t cooperate too well in south florida, I hope you all had fun with your families and friends.

Labor Day and working?
No, not working. Enjoying every single minute of it, so how could I call it work, right?
It’s so true what people say, that if you do something you LOVE, then it’s not work at all.

Today, I spent the morning visiting one of my favorite families; baby Mateo’s family that is. He’s gotten so big and beautiful in such a short time, I’ll be posting some updated photos of him soon.
And right now, I am working hard on my new website, which I’ll be unveiling in the next two weeks. Cross my fingers!
I will be posting teasers for 2 sessions either today or tomorrow. Including last weekend’s sexy boudoir session and this past Saturday’s session introducing baby Lukas, you are going to love him!!!!

Have a great rest of the week everybody!!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Jessica and Michael’s Engagement Session

After a long drive from Palm Beach, this lovely couple was ready to ‘work it’ for the camera. Lol. We had an amazing time doing their shoot, and they were up for anything.

Jessica and Michael are a really sweet couple and they will be getting married next year. I wish them lots of happiness on their wedding and new life together.

Guys, don’t forget to ‘GET A ROOM!’ (inside joke :)
Enjoy the teasers!

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