Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Engagement Palooza!!!!

I had two sexy and super fun Engagement Sessions on Sunday.
There was rain, ice cream, jumps, splits, kisses, hugs, love and most of it sooo many laughs!!!!!
No joking, my face hurt from laughing so much during the day!!!
It reminded me of our wedding day; the muscles on our faces hurt like for 2 straight days. That’s how you know you had the time of your life :)

Ok, so really quickly, here is one teaser from each couple and also from Jenny’s session I hadn't blogged.
I will be blogging more in a couple of days, so stay tune.

My Brides and Grooms are SOOOO INCREDIBLE!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!





Vannessa said...

Wow!!!! You are beyond amazing..I can't wait to see the rest!! =)

Jennifer said...

My mouth hurt too! Jerry and I had so much fun, and we *were* a little sore! Thank you for the beautiful teaser.

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