Saturday, September 06, 2008

Maria Fernanda & Swen Destination Wedding!!!

It has taking me forever to pick some of my favs for Maife and Swen’s wedding in gorgeous Ecuador. I first had 160, then 120, then Favs 1, Favs 2 and Details. AHHHH!!!! I will have another blog with some of their beautiful details, seeing as this blog is already a bit lengthy. First I wanted to say that it was a huge complement to have them pick us to be their photographers, especially because Maife is studying to be a photographer herself. We felt no pressure! (Right… Everyone seemed to know that we were the choosen ones!) But I must say it felt so cool for a lot of people to come to us to let us know how excited Maife was to have us shoot her wedding. I can’t deny it WE LOVED IT!!!!!

As I was choosing my favs I saw a Maife for who she was, modern, carefree, so inlove and giving herself to enjoying the moment to the fullest. Even with so many family and friends around them, both of them found a few minutes throughout the day where no one existed but them.
One of the most emotional moments of the day was the toast to the bride and groom. In our South American Countries we have the custom of not just 1 or 2 people toasting but as many as is necessary, needed and wanted policy. They both laughed as they were reminded of funny memories brought to light; but Maife never thought to be so emotional, when one of her best friends got the microphone or when her cousin mentioned her son Mateo in the toast.

Maife and Swen thank you for let us be part of your wedding. We were blown away by you guys, your family and friends and the overall vibe of love and happiness we felt through out the day and were equally impressed by the beauty of the setting where it seemed you were able to reach and touch the clouds.
I wanted to give especial thanks to Juan Carlos, Yani and Sebastian for all your attentions.

We hope to see you guys again soon in one of our trips to the New York or the New England area.
Before I continue writing a book here, which I easily could, here are some of my favs.


Landra said...

WOW Carmen these photos are INSANE! Love, love, love them!

Swen said...


AND ANOTHER WORD: We made the best choice with you! (ok, that was like 7 words!)


Indira said...

WOW Carmen and Favio!!! This is my favorite wedding, by far...looking at these photographs reminds me of what weddings are about, and yeah, that my day is coming up!!! I can only hope for photos as nice, warm and expressive as these. In good cuban: se la comieron!!!

Ernesto said...

These are great pictures!

coco+kelley said...

this wedding is sooooo beautiful! they look like they're having so much fun :)

thanks for stopping by my blog! i love your photos ~ i might have to borrow the one of the hats in this series to feature, if you don't mind? of course i'll link it back to you :)

Jeff said...

Incredible pictures Carmen!

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