Friday, September 19, 2008

Ladies, you are my inspiration!!!!

Yesterday night, Jennie came over to select her photos for her boudoir album. SOOO EXCITED!!! Well, we were looking at one of her photos that showed her beautiful fuchsia platform heels and I couldn’t resist and show her my new OH SO AWESOME peep-toe platform heels!! I am in love with them!!! Jennie liked them too and told me to take a photo for my blog; I started to laugh, because I had already taken a photo of them to show you ladies how much you inspired me.
I haven’t bought heels this high in a little while, but oh boy! do I feel extra sexy with them on, besides the fact that I am 5’11” or more with them ;)

I will be having a SEXY boudoir marathon this weekend in my studio. Ladies, I will have Champagne and some other goodies including delicious cupcakes from my friend Kelly from SugarGirlBakeShop. I had them on my last marathon and my ladies couldn’t say enough good things about them!!! I must also admit I ate more than a couple too. Lol.

Don’t forget to bring your HIGH HEEL ladies and thank you for the inspiration!!!


karenb said...

Hi Carmen.i love them!! let me know when I can go select my pics..:)
and those cupcakes are delicious!

Carmen said...

Hey Karen, Thank you!!!
I love them too!
I am soo excited for you to select your photos too!!! I will email you on Monday!

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