Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Andie’s Bridal Shower

Andie came to my house yesterday to pick up the images from her shower. She was super excited as she is getting married this coming Friday!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

She asked me to pick a song for her slideshow and this is one of my old time favorites. (I know, I know. Stop it with Nick Lachey already). Lol.

This is the original post from her Bridal Shower.
Andie's Bridal Shower!!!
Andie, I wish you the best day of your life as you become a Mrs.

Enjoy the slideshow!

If you would like to see a bigger version of the slideshow, please click on the link below.
Andie's Bridal Shower

Note: If you encounter a problem with the slideshow zooming into the first image, it has to do with a sound card problem in your computer. Please try it again on an updated OS or driver updated computer.

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