Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meli’s Bridal Shower!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking forward to Meli’s Bridal Shower for a little while now and on Sunday afternoon her celebration was finally here.
Meli, her mom, her sister and best friend decorated the tables and my jaw started to drop as I saw all the little details being placed all over the tables.
I was in detail heaven!!!!

I quickly started to photograph all the amazing details Meli had prepared and a couple of surprises her sister had in store for her, like an albums depicting some of the mile stones in Meli’s life with the culmination of the engagement of Meli and Augi; their love story has many chapters to be written, but no doubt with an amazing ending.

One of the highlights was the surprise appearance of Augi with red roses in hand and a Mariachi band following his entrance. And what an entrance it was!!!! Oh, and another very nice surprise, as you will see in two of the photos below.
Augi, I just have to say thumbs up!!! Men, take notes please!

BTW, I also loved the JELL-O shoots, injection style!!!

Meli you have made it so hard for me to pick my favorites! I wanted to publish 15 and ended up with 25, and let me tell you, that was after agonizing about which ones to cut out.

I do want to thank you and your family for allowing me to share in your amazing Bridal Shower.



agustin said...

Yay for details! This came out really well, thank you for doing such a great job.

It was nice to see what the table setup looked like before I got there, and the girls had destroyed all...

Meli said...

Thank you so much Carmen!
You were amazing, as usual. I have loved having you around for this whole process. You are the best!

And hey Augi! We didn't destroy anything, we are LADIES. ;)

Justine said...

As always my friend you did an AMAZING JOB!!!!
I think all of your brides feel very lucky to have you in their lives! especially me :)

Meli everything you included looked beautiful!!!!

Carmen said...

Thank you guys!!!

I must agree with Meli, all the ladies were behaving very lady like until the JELL-O injections started circulating. Lol.

I won't say how many Meli had... but you can count them in the photos...Lol.

Mimi said...

Being a detail maniac myself, I loved seeing these pics :) Great job guys!!! I can't wait to see the wedding details... Almost there!! :) xoxo

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