Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Introducing Baby Lukas!!!!!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure to meet and photograph baby Lukas. Alexandra and Jorge had waited for the moment of his arrival for a very long time and while they waited they prepared a beautiful room, scrapbooks and even a beautiful birth story leading to Lukas’s birth.

Lukas was a very good boy, except for a couple of tinkles in his dad’s arms, while I was photographing him. Lol.
Without a doubt Lukas is a very lucky baby, who is going to grow in a beautiful home with love all around him.

Thank you guys for welcoming me back to your home and congratulations again on such a beautiful little angel. It was great to be able to witness and photograph such tender moments shared as a family.



Justine said...

what a cute little chubby baby!!!
congrats to the mom and dad!

MellyMel said...

He is BEAUTIFUL! What awesome photos. Ooooh, makes me so excited for my turn!!!! OXOXOX.

Natalie said...

Lukas is a cutie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful baby boy!!
I love his name too

: )
baby Elena's mom

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