Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shooting and eating at the FAIR!!!!

This past weekend I continued my birthday celebration by going to the Dade County Youth Fair!!! First I wanted to thank my loyal stalkers and for all the emails I got regarding the fair shoot. I know it was last minute to get things together for some, but don’t worry, next time I will make sure to plan it better.
So off we went to the fair and what better combination for us to enjoy shooting at the fair and enjoy fair food!!! I missed the fair last year, so believe me, candy apples, elephant ears and cotton candy were calling my name. I am not a super fan of roller coasters, but love the ambiance, that’s for sure.
Thank you Carmen + Marc and Jenny + Robert for joining us, we had a blast!!! I also loved seeing one of my couple to be married at the end of the year Indira and Ernesto and an old friend Kirian. Enjoy a few teasers before I leave out of town.
I will be back in town on Tuesday but I’ll try to answer a few emails while I’m away. Stay tuned!


Carmen said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have our picture taken by you! We can't wait to see more!

Meli said...

They are amazing Carmen!!!!!!
Sign me up for next year! ;)

Indira said...

Carmen, it was very nice to see you at the fair as well! These photos are soooo nice, I can't wait for our session :)

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