Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nicole and Sam's Editorial Style Shoot in San Francisco!!! Wedding Photography San Francisco

Awww, I am so spoiled by my wonderful couples!!! I love it!!!!

THANK YOU Nicole and Sam for the beautiful flowers!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!
I went to San Francisco in December to do a boudoir Marathon for 5 wonderful ladies and Nicole ask me if I could do an editorial style shoot for her and her hubby Sam. I loved the idea so I immediately said ‘YES.’ I actually met Nicole for the first time when she hired me for a boudoir session on my first boudoir marathon to San Francisco. We had a blast on her session and Sam loved the photos!!!! I was soo excited to work with Nicole again and of course I was so looking forward to meet her Sam.
So far every time I have gone to SF it has been sooo cold, but we still have an awesome time visiting places and always find time to ride the trolley. Well this time I knew I shouldn’t have, but we rode the trolley on our first night there and of course we had to go standing at the end of it with our bodies dangling on the side of the trolley, the crisp and chilling air hitting our faces, so cold it hurt, but it is so much fun and I feel like a kid every time I do it!!!
Well, I got sick soon after :( but I took my cold medicine like crazy and we were ready to go for their shoot!! I finally met Sam and WOW, what a couple they make, fun, loving and silly at times. The best part to see is how attentive Sam is to Nicole and how he can loose himself just by looking at her! Their whole vibe was just wonderful and so much fun to photograph!!!
Thank you guys for letting capture your photos and for being so incredibly awesome in every way!!!
I wish we could've had time for some urban setting, but maybe next time ;)
Love you both!!!!

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Nicole said...

Gorgeous! We are thrilled with our photos!!! We can't wait to work with you again. I'm sure we'll come up with another reason to want more pictures :) We had a BLAST working with you! Its obvious that you love what you do. The result is breathtaking photos! Thank you Carmen!

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