Friday, June 20, 2008

Wohooo!!!! South Florida Ladies you’re in for a treat.

Who is ready for a Boudoir Marathon in South Florida!!!!!
I have been working really hard to provide a place where my girls can just hang out and relax and what better place than at my studio!!!
You no longer have to book your own hotel; we can do the session on my studio with different settings that will allow you to not only have a beautiful bedroom setting with natural lighting (including a jacuzzy), an outdoor setting and a studio setting with studio lighting.

What else can you want? Well an overall lower price for your session of course! plus hair and make-up available, a little bubbly, albums, awesome music, and the most fun session ever!!!!

Marathon Dates:
August 16 -17 (4 spots left)
September 20-21 (5 spots left)

To inquire about the special price for the marathons, please fill out the contact information sheet on my website or call me to reserve your spot.
Also available during the week at the studio or at a hotel of your choice; non-marathon price will apply.

Make it a present for your fiancé, husband, or for the holidays and it is never too early to start thinking about V Day specially if you want a sexy album!
Hey! Who are we kidding is a present for you too, right? :)

Make it a HOT SUMMER LADIES!!!!! I know I am!!! LOL!!!!

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