Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

I hope all of you are having a terrific day. The weather was just perfect for a BBQ today for sure. I am about to have dinner with my parents, but I wanted to say Happy Father's Day to my big brothers Felix and Alfredo. Felix lives in New Hampshire and just had his second son a few months back. He is a pro at parenthood now and I couldn't be more proud. I get a smile on my face everytime he tells me all the places he takes my nephews on the weekends. It's great to see that fatherhood has not changed their love for the outdoors; lots of credit to my sister in-law for that too.

Also Happy Father's Day to my brother Alfredo who just became a dad in April!!!! Audrey is so adorable and I loved holding her in my arms. She is tiny and looks exactly like my mom now which is super cute and freaky (in a good way) Lol!!!

Keep on enjoying your evening. I am about to pour me a Bailey's on the rocks. Cheers!!!

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Indira said...

wow Carmen, these are so unbelievably gorgeous...I love how such love is captured in these photographs :)

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