Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marathon Update!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

Hi ladies!!! Thank you for the overwhelming response to my Boudoir Marathons!!!

I wanted to give you an update on the dates and times left for both dates.
August Sat. 16th: 1 spot
August Sun. 17th: 1 spot

September Sat. 20th: 1 spot
September Sun. 21st: 2 spots

I also wanted to anwers some of the questions I am getting.
Is it going to be just you and me during the session? or
Will there be more people around during my session?
I like to make my sessions as private and relaxed as possible, so you and I will be the only ones in the studio. No one else allowed!!! Lol.

I would like to have my photos private from your blog, would that be ok?
Yes, all the boudoir photos I publish on my blog have permission from my clients. Not to worry, your privacy is my number one concern.

What do I bring and what do I wear for my session?
After you select your boudoir session, I will send you a list of recommended items and you will have a private phone consultation prior to your session. We can go over your vision, clothing items and any questions you may have.

Thank you ladies!!! I can’t wait!!!!

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