Friday, April 25, 2008

San Francisco + Boudoir = ROCKING SESSIONS!!!!!

Beautiful city and gorgeous ladies was a great combination for an awesome time and hot photos!!!

I’m back from San Francisco and I can not tell you how much fun I had. The sessions were a blast and I loved meeting such unique beautiful and fun ladies. All my ladies have already received their teasers and some of them have given me permission to share a few. I am not able to share some teasers, because of the kind of jobs some ladies have. Priority #1 for me is to keep you privacy intact.
Thank you ladies again for all your hard work, complements and for the many laughs!!! Did I tell you I had a great time??? ;)

For the ladies that are interested, I will be going back in September or October! I can’t wait!!!
More about my trip later on…

Here are some of my PG-13 teasers, believe me they get super HOT!!!!!


Tesszilla said...

thank you carmen! you're awesome!

Emily said...

You rock, Carmen! :)

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