Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello from SEXY San Francisco!!! San Francisco Boudoir Photographer

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of my boudoir marathon here in San Francisco!!!
I can’t tell you how excited and moved I am to have been contacted by my SEXY ladies and do their boudoir sessions. All the spots filled out quickly, but don’t worry ladies, this will not be my last visit. I already have two requests for the end of the year, so ‘I’ll be back’ :)
I love San Francisco, well I actually, I love California all together. Great places and amazing weather (ladies imagen, low humidity = beautiful hair.) Sweater at night for me, that’s for sure!!!! Yes, I like to be toastie (Jeff don’t laugh.)
I can’t wait to meet everybody and ladies get ready to work it!
Let the fun begin!!! YAY!!!
I leave you with a photo of Mrs. M. and a photo of the cover of one of my boudoir albums.
More to come later!

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Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see! Carmen, ur amazing!!

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