Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Four Weddings and a Birthday!!!!!! Miami Wedding Photography

I started celebrating my birthday with four beautiful weddings!!!
Just like last year, a day is in no way or form long enough to go wild, so a whole week celebration was a must and to be fair I am going to try and make it a whole month, (the excuse? I need to work around my events) Ha!!!

I have a rule that if my B-day falls on a weekday except for Friday, then I will spend the day chilling. If it falls on a weekend, then you know what happens, I become a ‘Dancing Queen.’
Cocktails at Blue Martini (Chocolate Martinis a must!) and shaking it to the tune of Calabria at the Martini Bar in South Miami, was just what the doctor ordered. Woowoo!!!

My favorite part of my B-day is when my family gets together to sing Happy Birthday.
It’s really special to have my brothers, who live in other states, call in and all sing Happy-Birthday to me on speakerphone. Call me crazy, but I love it! My nephew Filito was just the funniest; he is almost 3yrs old and wanted to sing to me by himself, but in the last minute got all shy and couldn’t do it. I told my brother to tell him to sing to Bella (my furbaby,) Filito knows her well because I take her every time I visit them. To my surprise he started singing to her, can you believe that!!! We were all laughing so hard!!! After that he was not shy to sing to me and it was one of the sweetest things ever.

Back to my beautiful couples, just a little sneak peak. I promise to be back with more.
Lots of love!!!

Sheila + John

Erin + Melvin

Angie + Javier

Nancy + Harold


Anonymous said...

happy birthday carmen & I cant wait to see more pics!!


Lourdes said...

Carmen, these picture came out beautiful!!!! I can't wait until it's my turn in November. :)

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