Thursday, August 09, 2007

Soon to be Parents Mel and Abel!!!

Do you think mom's-to-be have that glow???
Well, I can tell you that Mel did. As soon as I saw her I just thought of how beautiful she looked. She is 30 weeks pregnant and with Abel awaiting their first baby.
Mel and Abel were just a trip of laughs during the entire session. I could not ask for a better couple.

Mel and Abel the first photo one is the one after Abel is pointing at the ‘ball(s)’ LOL!!!!
It’s one of my favorites!!!
Lots of love.

Here as just a few from our mini session!!!


becoming-home said...

Aww, so beautiful!

Carmen, you are so talented!

Ariana (MrsJeffsWife2b, long lost SFL Nestie :)

Justine said...

such cute pics i do love the first one!

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