Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sandra's Sexy Boudoir!!!!

OH MY!!!!! Do I need to say more?
One photo = 1,000 sexy words!

Sandra is a married gal that has decided to surprise her husband on his birthday with some sexy photos of herself.


His jaw will no doubt fall to the ground when he sees these photos. First, he has no idea of this little secret and because she looks so H-O-T.
Sandra you look amazing and of course it doesn’t hurt to have a killer body.
I can’t wait for you to see the rest.

Sandra granted authorization to publish this photo.


MellyMel said...

Damn!!!!! Hot stuff. I am going to glue this photo to my fridge and compell myself to lose all of this baby weight when the time comes!

Sandra came out GORGEOUS!

Sandra said...

Thanks mel!

Jamie M. said...

Second that Sandra came out HOT!

Justine said...

wow! hot picture!

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