Saturday, August 11, 2007

Justine's Bridal Shower!!!!!!!

Yay!!!! Today was Justine's Bridal Shower at Perricones and I was so amazed at all the little details that she had prepared.
My favorites, hands down, were the beautiful menus done all by her.

Justine, I had a blast and it was great meeting all your family and friends. I also loved seen familiar faces, Brigitte and Tania; oh, and little Carlee (who is getting bigger by the day.)

Justine this event brings you that much closed to becoming a MRS!!!!
Woohoooo!!! Not much longer girl!!!!
Enjoy your teasers, you detail Princess!!!!


Justine said...

if i told you i was excited it would be an understatement!!!!!
omg i love them!!! i cannot wait to see the rest!!!you were fabulous today and always thank you so much for caputuring this day! <3 big hearts to you!

Anonymous said...

Carmen you ROCK!!! i love these. The soon-to-be bride looks so happy and beautiful. i love all her details. I can't wait to see my bridal pics. :)


Jessi&Frankie said...

Justine looks great and the pics wow!

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