Wednesday, December 03, 2008

GOOOO GATORS!!!!! Miami Wedding Photography

Favio and I are proud UF alumni and I don’t want to jinx it, but we are so close to a National Title!!!!!

Ok, so I have been wanting to blog about this since Alyse & Mike’s Wedding!
So, there we were having a great time shooting their wedding, btw the music selection was awesome!!! When all the sudden it was time for the garter, and what do we hear? You guessed it: the Seminole Fight Song!!! Now I must admit, it’s a great song, ok catchy at best (Ahhh, No, I didn’t just say that!!!!) Let me just cover myself, NOT BETTER THAN THE GATOR FIGHT SONG!!!! Lol.

Anyway, Favio and I looked at each other and were just mouthing GO GATORS!!!
AHHHH!!! To a die hard Gator this is the worst case scenario for us!!! So many Seminoles chanting and not being able to scream GO GATORS!! Lol.
I will tell you what I LOVED, was the intensity and pride I saw as they all chanted!!!

The real test came last Saturday, UF vs. FSU yearly war, where we were SCREAMING our hearts out GOOOO GATORS!!!! UF came on top against FSU, I won’t gloat on the score. Lol.

I told Alyse I was going to be blogging a photo today, but she may not like what I was going to be saying about it. Lol. She guessed what it was going to be about! It’s all in good fun of course and I do thank her for hiring Gators to cover their wedding!!! ;)

On a side note: I was listening to the Gator Fight Song while selecting their photos from the garter section of their wedding. Lol.



Jennifer said...

I'll gloat!! GO GATORS!!!

Jeff said...

It must be a good omen to have a couple of gator alums at your wedding...I mean come on...this is the year of the G A T O R S!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!! LOL

No Stress Events said...

THERE IS NO GREATER TEAM THAN THE GATORS! Anyone that is smart knows that, right?! Carmen and Favio...I am with you...GO GATORS! I was thinking the same at their much as I LOVE MY GATORS the garter removal to the FSU War Chant Remix w/the whole room into it and the "energy" in the room was awesome!!! (I was chanting inside too...hee hee) Alyse and Mike were so much FUN!
LOL at playing the Gator Chant while selecting the pictures. These are great! Love ya Carmen...
Hope all is well :)

No Stress Events said...

clarification; I was chanting the GATOR SONG inside! hee hee

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