Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intimate Maternity Session!

Yes, I do offer intimate maternity sessions in my studio; for yourself or with your significant other!!!
I have been receiving numerous requests for this kind of sessions, so why not? Intimate maternity sessions are inspired by my boudoir photography. Being a mom doesn’t mean that you are no longer sexy! These photos celebrate you as a mom-to-be and the beautiful changes your body experiences as you wait for your little miracle.
I asked Lissette, my latest beautiful pregnant mom-to-be, if I had permission to blog a couple of her photos and she gave me the go-ahead. She LOVES her photos and doesn’t mind sharing!!! Woohoo!!!

These sessions are done in my studio during the week. I also do shoots on location.
Location shoots are done on the weekend; please allow at least a 2 months in advance booking date for weekend sessions.

Does she look incredible or what!!!


Raffaella said...

So BEAUTIFUL! I love maternity photos! She looks very familiar...one of your brides perhaps??

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful!
Paula (Elena's mom)

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