Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Missy’s Baby Shower!!!

I was so excited when Chrissy, Missy’s sister, asked me to cover her sister’s baby shower.
That was a few months back, so Chrissy and I have been exchanging emails back and forth and had set the date for October 6th. On October 4th Missy writes saying ‘I can’t wait to see you next Saturday!!!!’ As soon as I read that, I was like, ‘NEXT SATURDAY!!!! Not THIS Saturday, in two days??? I rushed to get my appointment book and YES! I got her down for the 6th. Thinking that Missy was mistaken at first, I called Chrissy and asked her if she had changed the date, oh no, she had!!! I was already booked for the 13th, so I offered for Favio to cover the event. After all, not because he is my dear husband, but he was there with me and did an amazing job for Chrissy’s bridal shower and wedding in Punta Cana as well.
Wohoo, Favio saved the day!!!

Missy was kept in the dark about the details of the baby shower, and being the perfectionist that she is, she was having a little trouble with it. Lol. Missy was only told the date and that is all!!! A total surprise!!!!
Chrissy did a great job with the planning starting with the theme which was SWEETS, SWEETS AND MORE SWEETS!!!! You can’t go wrong with that!
Favio had a great time with Missy and her family.
He was so amazed by all the gifts Missy got!!! He reminded me his birthday is coming up soon, lol.

Enjoy the photos!!!


Chrissy said...

LOVE THEM!!! As always, Favio did a great job! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

; )

Just Another Small Town Girl said...

LOVE the pics!!! What a great job and the mom-to-be looks SO happy!

Justine said...

awe how cute i love babyshowers i so love the "hi i'm new here" onesie lol

Missy "The Mom to be" said...

Once again a job well done! You guys are incredible. I want more!! ha-ha!

Missy said...

I picked up the pics last night and I'm so happy with them. Thanks again guys! You are the best!

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