Monday, February 02, 2009

Bad Blogger but with good reason!!!

I know it's not an excuse, but I have been incredibly busy with weddings and boudoirs!!! Yes, it is February so imagine all the ladies that have contacted me at the last minute wanting to give their significant other a very sexy surprise. I am happy to see that not only brides to be are doing the sessions but also my Sexy Mrs and mommies!!!
See, that’s why I have being a bad blogger.
Thank you so much for the emails asking me if I am ok. I LOVE YOU my blog stalkers!!! Lol.

I also wanted to please ask you 2 little things. Please book with time if you would like me to be at your event. I get booked a year in advance for wedding and at least 3 months in advance for smaller events and portraits. Also, I wanted to ask you to please give me credit on the photo if you are going to use my photos on any public board, your own website, facebook, or in any internet site. I try to do the best job I can for every session and it’s just nice to be given credit on the photos.I am now including with the sessions, low resolution photos with my website address on them for internet use.

Now I leave you with an update on Baby Jonathan, whom i've been following his first year after his wonderful mommy, Mirielle, hired me to capture such an important part of his life.
Look at that face! Isn't he delicious? C you soon!!!

Well back to work!!!
I have a wonderful announcement on the 9th so stay tune. I really think you are going to LOVE it!!!!!
Have a great night everyone!!!


Carmen B said...

yay! I had missed stalking your blog and seeing your awesome pictures!!! Glad you're back and this baby is so adorable! hmmm, can't wait to read your announcement. :)

Anonymous said...

I missed your postings. That is a yummy baby! You're awesome Carmen. :)


Mirielle, Mommy 2 Jonathan said...

You rock my socks Carmen! Thanks so much for taking pics of my little man and hope you don't go missing again :)

Indira said...

I'm glad you're back Carmen!!! Yes, I have been stalking lol. I hope that when I have kids you can photograph them like this baby, so cute!

Vannessa said...

That baby is adorable! I was missing your blog...Can't wait to hear the announcement. :0)

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