Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yvette and Herb’s Engagement Session!!!

Let’s get the year started with an amazing couple!!!

Yay!!! I had been waiting for Yvette’s engagement session for quite a while now.
We wanted to wait for cooler weather, but in Miami it’s so unpredictable that it was still hot, but at least we didn’t have 100% humidity.

I have loved planning the session with Yvette and it’s always great to hear about her three fur-babies, the two Yorkies and a Chihuahua. I still don’t know how she does it since i’m still trying to tame my wild Yorkie Bella (4 lbs).

Yvette and Herb were a lot of fun and very loving as you can see from their photos. I am really happy that we finished the shoot and no one got arrested after this HOT session ;)

I can’t wait to do your wedding in March you guys. I am sure it’s going to be an incredible event!!!


Yvette and Herb said...

OMG!!!!! These are amazing! It was worth risking being arrested at Sunset Place. Thank you so much for seeing our vision.


Yvette and Herb

HERB said...

I am very happy with the pictures. YOU GUYS did a great job. I cant wait to see the others.

We appreciate your time and efforts to make us look great.

Well worth it.

thank you very much.

Justine said...

i love them my friend!!!!!!!
very sexy!!!!!!
yay Feb 24th

Yvette, you and Herb look great!
i can't wait for March 15th either!

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