Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AOL Members, You Don't Got Mail! Lol.

Ok, so it's not so funny not getting email back, if you are sending me a request.
Today, I got 5 phone calls requesting packages and I always ask my perspective clients to please fill out the information form in my website under the contact tab.

Unfortunately, they all told me that they had filled out the request and had not heard from me :(
I asked them for their emails and I gave them my personal email. Reading the emails I found out that 4 of them were AOL members and 1 was a Hotmail member. So that leads me to believe that I am not getting any AOL member emails!!!

This is not the first time this happens with AOL members, but today it really scared me, because I thought that it was only some AOL members, but apparently it's happening with all AOL emails.

Please call me if you don’t get a response from me in 2 days and don’t be shy, leave me a message if I am not available.
I always try my best to get to my emails the same day, but sometimes it’s humanly impossible.

Thank you!!!! Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope ‘You got Mail’ soon!!!

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