Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You Go Girl!!!! Andie's Sexy Boudoir!!!! Miami Boudoir Photographer

This session was another one that stood out as one of my favorite sessions.
There were two ladies on this session and the three of us had a blast!!!
We had Champagne and my favorite chocolate covered Strawberries!!!
No kidding when I say: my stomach muscles were hurting the day after from laughing so much.

This blog is all about Andie; one of the most beautiful ladies inside and out. A complete package that I am sure her Fiancé and now husband adores. Andie made it so easy for me; not only is she gorgeous, but she followed directions like a pro and she had a million and one outfits to choose from. LOVE IT!!!!!

Stay tune to see Lola’s teaser; she looks incredible too. I am waiting for authorization to use one of my favorite not so revealing photos; as soon as I get it I will blog it. Lola is a little shy, but not so much in front of the camera, LOL!!!

For now I leave you with a mini teaser of gorgeous Andie.

Athorization was granted to publish this photo

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Justine said...

oooo Andie looked smokin hot!
I'm sure Ren loved the pics!

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