Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Get Simpsonized!!!

This was so cool I just had to do it.
If you want to try it go to:
And follow the instructions.

I submitted the photo below, and I am pleased with the results. Lol. I love my simpsonized hair and red lips the most. Please don’t ask me where my chin is. I only wish my hair held up as nice in this humid summer.
I hope you have a good laugh.


MellyMel said...

OK. No fair. You, as a Simpson, are SO much hotter than me as a Simpson! I am going to have to do mine again once YOU take my picture. LOL.

Justine said...

i love it lol !

Meli said...

Hahahah, you are way hotter than my simpson as well - maybe it's the braces LOL. <3

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